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The CREATED IN ZLIN award helps highlight creative products and services that have been designed and produced in the Zlin Region.

The event is organised by the Technology Innovation Centre together with the Zlín Creative Cluster and it helps support and promote businesses in cultural and creative fields.

The awarded projects for 2023

The creative products/services
in the Zlín region

Why join the project?

The Created in Zlin project attracts the general public and communities of experts both locally and abroad. We want to draw attention to and highlight interesting products and services which have been designed and created in the Zlin Region.

The Created in Zlin award searches for projects which were born inside the heads and created by the hands of clever and creative designers, entrepreneurs, and companies from Zlín. The products and services have high added value, and are praised for their originality and potential. This makes the project an instrument for supporting and promoting businesses in cultural and creative fields.

If this sounds like a project you are part of, don’t hesitate to join in.


The awarded projects for 2023

Petr Valla
Kenka puppetgame

Action-packed combat game without a keyboard, controllers, Bluetooth, or electricity – charged with energy and creativity!

A toy crafted by children from bamboo before the discovery of gunpowder. It combines the dynamics of combat with the magic of theater. Tension and creativity. Maximum gaming injuries, none real.

In Kenka Puppetgame, puppets engage in battles with various weapons and score hits based on the opponent’s mask being torn off. This game promotes hand coordination, strategy, and perception. The uniqueness lies in the ease of creating additional puppets, giving players the opportunity to become creators of their own characters and stories.

The Kenka Puppetgame set doubles as a piece of furniture and a transport box. Its solid wood construction and versatile use fulfill all aspects of sustainability.

In this way, Kenka Puppetgame becomes not only an entertaining game but also an example of practical design and a sustainable approach to game production.


Libella design s.r.o.
Libella Seat Varia

Variable seating system for wheelchair users that contributes to the prevention of decubitus (pressure ulcers). By means of seating diagnostics and pressure mapping technology, it can be adjusted for each user, enabling the correction of pelvic pathologies as well as significantly eliminating the risk of health complications and postural deformities.


What a Hut

The multifunctional space of Budka can be a sauna, an office, a workshop or a children’s hideout. If the requirements for space change over time, the function of the entire object is simply adjusted. It consists of six spruce bioboards, the offcuts are further used in the interior. They serve as sauna benches, shelves in the workshop or a table for the garden office. A significant element is the perforated wall, which guarantees a sufficient dose of intimacy and penetrating light from the exterior. The circle becomes a timeless element, evoking the cycle of life, infinity and balance. The designer Adéla Bačová from Zlín is behind the design of the product.


Registration for the Created in Zlin competition

Products and services which have high added value, are praised for their originality and potential, and come from the Zlín region may join the Created in Zlin project.

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A programme of shared services of creative industrial and product designers, audiovisual creators, and marketing specialists, who help with the development and promotion of your unique products and services created in the Zlín region.

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