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The Technology Innovation Centre s.r.o., ID: 26963574, with its registered office in Zlin, Vavrečkova 5262, PSČ: 760 01, registered in the Business Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 48562 (hereinafter referred to as the “Technology Innovation Centre“) protects all processed personal data as strictly confidential and handles them in accordance with the applicable legal regulations in the field of personal data protection.

The Technology Innovation Centre receives and records information from your browser, which may include personal data. This information may include your (i) IP address; (ii) unique identifier using “cookies“, information about cookies, and information on whether your device has the software necessary to access certain features; (iii) unique device and device type identifier; (iv) domain, browser type, and language; (v) operating system type and its settings; (vi) country and time zone; (vii) previously visited websites; (viii) information about your actions on our websites, such as clicks, purchases, and marked preferences; and (ix) access time and referring URLs.

To collect the above information, the Technology Innovation Centre uses cookies and pixel tags as specified below.


Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer, phone, or other device when you visit the websites operated by the Technology Innovation Centre©: |; ©;;; www.zlintech;;; © www.zlinjobs; ©; © and (hereinafter referred to as the “Websites”). The cookies are used to store and receive identifiers and other information about the computers, phones, and other devices from which you access the Websites and help us to provide, protect, and improve the services we offer.

The use of cookies enables us to offer you the products and services which best suit your needs and interests. Cookies allow us to record information about your visit to our Websites and their use will make your next visit easier and faster.

In particular, cookies:

  • are used for efficient navigation on the Websites, for personalisation, saving preferences, and generally to improve the user experience on the Websites,
  • allow us to differentiate whether the particular user has visited the Websites in the past or whether they are a new visitor,
  • help to display such advertisements on the Websites tailored to the interests of a specific user.
  • The Technology Innovation Centre uses cookies when you visit the Websites, most often to personalise content, to gather anonymous visit statistics, to select relevant advertisements, and to facilitate a more secure login.

We use the following categories of cookies on our Websites:

  • Functional: these cookies are required for the basic functioning of the website and are therefore always enabled; they include cookies which allow us to remember you when you browse our Websites for the first time, or – if you wish – during every visit. They help with security and with the fulfilment of requirements set by legal documents.
  • Performance cookies: these cookies allow us to enhance the functionality of our Websites by monitoring their usage. In some cases, these cookies improve the speed of responses to your requests and allow us to remember your choices for certain sites. Disabling these cookies can lead to inaccurate recommendations and the sites may run slower.
  • Social media and advertising: social media cookies offer the possibility to connect you with your social media and share content from our Websites on them. Advertising cookies (third-party cookies) gather information in order to better tailor advertising to your interests both on and off our Websites. In some cases, these cookies also include the processing of your personal data. Disabling these cookies may result in displaying advertisements which are not relevant for you or not being able to effectively connect with your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts, and/or not being able to share content on social media.

Third parties

Third parties may also collect information through the Websites. These third parties gather data directly from your web browser and their processing is subject to the third party’s own personal data protection and processing policies.

The Technology Innovation Centre is entitled to use third-party advertisers for the purpose of promotion and optimisation of marketing communication. These third parties may use cookies in order to personalise content and advertising messages and to measure their effectiveness. Information gathered by these third parties may contain geolocation data (derived from the IP address), and sometimes contact information (e.g. your e-mail address), with such information being collected from the Websites.

The Websites contain pixel tag technology. This technology is a transparent graphic image, most often with dimensions of 1 x 1 pixels, which is placed on the Websites or in an e-mail. It is used to monitor the online behaviour of users visiting the Websites or sending e-mails.


For a complete and up-to-date overview of every third-party access to your web browser, we recommend installing a web browser with a plugin for this purpose. You can also choose to have your device warn you each time a cookie is sent or you can disable all cookies – this can be done in the browser settings on each browser and device you use. Every browser is a little different, so please check the Help menu in your browser to find out how to set your cookies correctly. If you disable all cookies, you may not be able to access all the features which make our Websites effective and some of the services we provide may not work properly.

The privacy settings on your device where you can disable cookies can be found in the menu of the relevant web browser. You can find the cookie settings in the most commonly used web browsers by opening the links below:

To set cookies on this page, click the button below.

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