KOMA Modular
Fashion Line

The KOMA Fashion Line is a new series of prefabricated modules with pleasant and novel space for rest. Offering fast and innovative solutions, the 21st century modular kits combine design with architecture. The whole modular kit can be set up to be fully utilized within one month of ordering. The variability of the Fashion Line lies in the choice of materials, which depends on individual tastes – one can choose from several kinds of tiles and facades, floors and rims. It is possible to try out and design everything using the online configurator which also supports virtual reality. Fashion Line models are offered in three sizes – Single, Double, and Triple.

Název firmy KOMA Modular
Web stránky http://www.fashion-line.eu
The Relax line makes it possible to live in connection with nature, dive into the beauty of silence, and gain new energy. Talented designer Adéla Bačová was involved in their creation, designing their new unique partition system. The line has also won a prestigious Red Dot Design 2021 award.

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