Na poli designu, z.s.
At the saffron field, local history inventory

An exhibition on revitalisation of industrial brownfield/s.

Abstract: In order to understand the current state of our society, it is necessary to connect local, apparently peripheral events with a wider historical context. The exhibition From the saffron field offers a view of the gradual transformation of a part of the village of Bílovice.

Exhibition concept: Šárka Kovařiková, Radek Hegmon, Dan Merta, Klára Pučerová, Richard Vodička

Graphic processing: Gabriela Polomíková

Acknowledgments: Moravian Regional Archives – State District Archives in Uherské Hradiště, Pavel Krystýn, Petr Fusek, Josef Martinec, studio Ellement, Kamil Mrva, Ludek del Maschio, Martina Hovořáková, Pavel Gurecký, Dušan Tománek, Julius Filip, Sylva Koudelková

Idea and implementation: 2023

Název firmy Na poli designu, z.s.
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