TINCTA-HERBAE • Ateliér Přírodního Barvířství
Shibori II

This shawl was manually dyed in the ecological atelier of natural dyeing TINCTA-HERBAE in the valley of river Bečva among the hills of Vsetin. Indigo dyeing process needs “indigo vat”. In the atelier TINCTA-HERBAE “the ecological indigo vat” based on fructose is used. To preserve environment and decrease the amount of water during rising the rain water is collected from the roof of the atelier. To create this geometrical pattern the Japanese technique of textile decorating named SHIBORI was applicated. Pigment of indigo used for dyeing comes from South of France, where the green leaves of Persicaria tinctorum are cultivated biologically and transformed in the same place. Size “S” 50x150cm. 100% extra soft wool fabric (Merino).

Název firmy TINCTA-HERBAE • Ateliér Přírodního Barvířství
Web stránky https://www.fler.cz/zbozi/shibori-ii-100-prirodne-barveny-sal-50x150-14258115


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