Petr Valla
Kenka puppetgame

Action-packed combat game without a keyboard, controllers, Bluetooth, or electricity – charged with energy and creativity!

A toy crafted by children from bamboo before the discovery of gunpowder. It combines the dynamics of combat with the magic of theater. Tension and creativity. Maximum gaming injuries, none real.

In Kenka Puppetgame, puppets engage in battles with various weapons and score hits based on the opponent’s mask being torn off. This game promotes hand coordination, strategy, and perception. The uniqueness lies in the ease of creating additional puppets, giving players the opportunity to become creators of their own characters and stories.

The Kenka Puppetgame set doubles as a piece of furniture and a transport box. Its solid wood construction and versatile use fulfill all aspects of sustainability.

In this way, Kenka Puppetgame becomes not only an entertaining game but also an example of practical design and a sustainable approach to game production.

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