Klub kultury Napajedla
Creative education in Museum Napajedla

The key terms of our new concept of creative education are free play, interaction with art, fantasy, stories, communication, empathy, own journey, experience, emotions. Creative programs will take place in a place where children directly encounter art, creativity, architecture, design. The cultural environment of our premises will help to co-create the educational level of the workshops. At the same time, we believe that the workshops will be a completely safe place for children to express their emotions and thoughts.

Název firmy Klub kultury Napajedla
Web stránky https://muzeum.napajedla.cz/edukace-1/


Registration for the Created in Zlin competition

Products and services which have high added value, are praised for their originality and potential, and come from the Zlín region may join the Created in Zlin project.

Terms of participation