Collection of furniture and interior accessories

We simply love variability…and also beauty and comfort…and nature. And so this collection was born, the goal of which is to slow down, stop and perceive the beauty of the present moment. Sit with friends or enjoy a cup of tea in peace, let your thoughts flow and most importantly – don’t rush anywhere. A sofa that is also a painting. Most of the time it just hangs on the wall, but when a visitor comes and there are too many of you – it also travels to the ground with the other sofas and creates a soft pebble to sit on. And for that, you turn on the light, which transports you straight to the forest. And the table? Where would all the goodies you prepared go?

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Products and services which have high added value, are praised for their originality and potential, and come from the Zlín region may join the Created in Zlin project.

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